Terms and conditions of use

These General Sales Conditions detailed below (hereinafter just referred to as “general conditions”) determine exclusively the contractual relationships between every customer user of the www.brunobernardo.pt website (hereinafter just referred to as “Customer”) and Bruno & Bernardo - Comércio de Artigos de Moda Lda., a company with registered capital of 10,000.00 Euros, having its registered office at Rua da Liberdade 135 R/C, 3700-169 São João da Madeira, Portugal (hereinafter referred to as “brunobernardo.pt”), with tax identification number 513464700 issued by the Portuguese Republic.

The general sales conditions are the only ones to be applicable and replace all other conditions, except prior expressly written agreement. brunobernardo.pt may, from time to time, modify certain provisions of its general conditions, and such modification is only effective after it is re-read by the Customer in each visit to brunobernardo.pt website (hereinafter just referred to as "Website").

We consider and it is implied that when the order is placed, the customer is automatically accepting these general sales conditions.

These conditions refer exclusively to Customers individuals not traders.

By using the website, the customer undertakes to respect the General Conditions as well as the Conditions of Use, which were held in compliance with Decree-Law No. 143/2001, of 26 April, as amended by Decree-Law No. 317/2009, of 30 October, and Decree-Law No. 7/2004, of 7 January, as amended by Decree-Law No. 46/2012, of 29 August.

Article 1: Object

These conditions aim to define the general sales conditions established between brunobernardo.pt and the Customer (user) from the order placement to the various services provided by brunobernardo.pt, such as payment methods and delivery conditions of the goods.

These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to place the order and ensure the follow-up of this transaction between the contracting parties.

Article 2: Types of orders

The sale of the products shall be made exclusively over the Internet, specifically through the brunobernardo.pt website.

brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order for a product by a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order.

brunobernardo.pt undertakes to accept the order and sale of the product in accordance with these general sales conditions.

The customer declares he/she has taken note and accepted the present general sales conditions before completing his/her order. It is assumed that the completion of the order of a product corresponds to the acceptance of these General Sales Conditions.

Except upon proof to the contrary, the data recorded by brunobernardo.pt constitute proof of all the transactions made by brunobernardo.pt and their customers.

Article 3: Essential characteristics of products

The products displayed on the website are in accordance with the legislation in force at the time of such disclosure and the applicable rules.

brunobernardo.pt shall see that the photographic images of products truly represent the articles offered for sale. Each product is accompanied by a detailed and accurate description that portrays its main characteristics.

In the event of a manifest error between the characteristics of the product and its representation, the customer shall be entitled to return it and claim a refund of the amount paid in accordance with the free termination of the contract.

Article 4: Prices

The prices of the products are disclosed in Euros and include fees and taxes. However, the price indicated excludes the amount to be paid by the customer for the shipping costs of the product ordered (delivery fees), the amount of which shall be indicated at the time of the final validation of the order (see delivery conditions).

The company brunobernardo.pt does not sell tax free.

The price and shipping costs do not include any customs costs in force in the destination country of the product ordered, which are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to change the prices of their products at any time, and the products are always invoiced based on the price tables in force and available in real-time at the moment the customer places the order.

From the completion of the order to the effective collection of the price of the product ordered, the product is owned by brunobernardo.pt.

Article 5: Product availability

The offer of products and their corresponding prices are valid while they are accessible on the website, given the availability of products on the date of the order. For products that are not available at the warehouses, the offers are valid yet subject to availability from suppliers. Accordingly, information on the availability of products shall be given in real-time at the time of placing the order.

However, exceptionally, there may be errors or changes relating to such information coming directly from suppliers.

In case of a product being unavailable after placing the order, the customer shall be informed by e-mail or by phone on the delivery of the partial order or the cancellation of the respective order. In this case, the customer shall be refunded the amount paid for the whole or part of the order within a maximum of 30 days after taking note of the unavailability by brunobernardo.pt. In these situations, the refund shall be made according to the payment methods used by the customer at the time of the purchase.

Article 6: Payment

6.1 Payment methods

The payment methods accepted on our website are: credit card, ATM and PAYPAL.

The credit cards accepted are: Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.

The amount shall be debited from the customer's account at the end of a period of 4 days from the date of the order, which becomes effective upon confirmation of the agreement of payment centres.

For security optimization, all your purchase transactions take place in a strict framework of confidentiality and encryption thanks to SSL protocol.

During a payment with credit card, the transaction is made between you and Hipay (www.hipay.pt), an organization recognized for its reliability relating to transactions on the Internet.

This means that your bank details do not circulate on the Internet and never reach brunobernardo.pt website.

This is the reason why we shall ask for your credit card number at each new order.

6.2. Secure payment

The payment of the products purchased and the expenses related to the shipment shall be made by the customer at the time of the transmission of the order confirmation by means of one of the credit card banners available and displayed online.  brunobernardo.pt is not responsible for any fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards that may be made by third parties at the time of the payment of the products ordered.

In compliance with our commitments regarding secure payments, we inform you that brunobernardo.pt verifies the reliability of the information provided at the time of an order registration.

This initiative is generated by our will to fight fraud in payments over the internet and thus protect all consumers.

Thus, brunobernardo.pt established a verification procedure in order to prevent any fraudulent use of bank data from a member. Under this procedure, brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to, where appropriate and if in doubt, ask the customer for a front and back copy of his/her valid ID with address, to be sent to the following email: apoiocliente.secure@brunobernardo.pt

Under these exceptional circumstances, the order cannot be shipped prior to the receipt and verification of the documents submitted. The documents requested shall be sent within six days after being requested.

brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to cancel the order in question when the documents were not received or in the case of receipt of non-compliant documents.

6.3 Payment by credit card is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The credit cards accepted are Visa, Maestro and MasterCard;
  2. For security validation reasons, the Customer shall provide his/her phone number;
  3. The recipient of the order does not necessarily need to be the holder of the credit card;
  4. The products shall be shipped to the order recipient's address;
  5. Information relating to deliveries at different addresses shall not be considered on the invoices;
  6. The charge on the credit card shall be made at the precise moment of the purchase validation by the Customer.

6.4 PayPal

PayPal is one of the simplest and faster ways to make a payment online. With PayPal, you can pay for goods with your credit card without exposing the numbers of your card. You can add your credit card to your PayPal account so you do not need to enter the card number every time you make a purchase. You just have to login with PayPal and with a few clicks you check-out.

Through your PayPal account, you can also see the history of your transactions online 24 hours a day.

More information on www.paypal.pt.

6.5 ATM

Regarding the ATM payment, the customer shall have a 24-hour time limit to pay on an ATM platform or using his/her Home Banking service on the Internet.

While payment is not confirmed, the orders made with this option on the website shall be on “hold” and do not appear under “My Account/My Orders”.

If the payment is not made within the stipulated time, brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to cancel the orders on “hold”.

Due to inventory management, it shall not be possible to activate the ATM payment option on the last day of sales.

Article 7: Delivery

7.1 General aspects

brunobernardo.pt ships its products to Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia , Finland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Andorra, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Monaco, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Iceland, Georgia, Moldova , Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Vatican City, South Africa, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau, United States of America, China and Australia from its website in the Portuguese version and the English version.

brunobernardo.pt does not ship products to PO boxes.

Delivery times depend on the processing time of the order to which we must add the delivery time, which can vary depending on the distribution network provided by our carriers for each region.

Delivery times vary from one sale to another and are specified in the order validation step. These are reminded in the summary email for the purchase and in “My orders”.

The indicated delivery date corresponds to a deadline delivery date. The exact time of the delivery cannot be contractually provided since the delivery of the orders depends on the carriers, but this shall never occur after thirty days from the order validation date.

Products are shipped to the address indicated by the user at the time of purchase. In order to optimize the delivery, it is advised that the user enters an address to which the order can be delivered within working hours.

brunobernardo.pt reserves the possibility of fractionating the shipping.

The participation in the management and delivery costs shall be invoiced in one single shipment.

brunobernardo.pt accepts no liability for the consequences of delivery delays.

In case of any delay in delivery, this information is available under “My Account/My Orders”.

7.2 Delivery methods

brunobernardo.pt ships their orders to the markets identified in the preceding paragraph, and shipments are made from Monday to Friday inclusive (except holidays).

A confirmation e-mail shall be sent at the time of shipment of your order.

A number is assigned to each order, which is available on your personal space “My Account/My orders”. Thus, you can check the status of your order through the connection to the carrier selected, using the number associated with your order.

brunobernardo.pt ships its orders through its partners CTT - Correios de Portugal S.A. (mainland Portugal and islands), MRW - Serviço de Transporte Urgente Lda. (mainland Spain and islands) and TNT Holdings B.V. (other markets).

7.3 Delivery times

The brunobernardo.pt carrier partners undertake to the following maximum delivery times (working days):

brunobernardo.pt transporters partners are committed to the following maximum terms of delivery (working days):

- Mainland Portugal, Australia and South Africa: 3 days

- Madeira Island: 6 days

- Archipelago of the Azores: 7 to 15 days

- Mainland Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, Sweden, Monaco: 1 day

- Balearic Islands: 2 days

- Canary Islands: 5 to 10 days

- Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Andorra, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Iceland, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Vatican City: 1 to 3 days

- Brazil and United States of America: 2 to 4 days

- China: 3 to 5 days

- Mozambique: 4 days

- Angola, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe: 7 days

- Guinea Bissau: 11 days

Your parcel shall be delivered to your home on the date indicated at the time of purchase and in the purchase confirmation email that shall be sent right away. You can always check the status of your order in“My Account/My Orders”.

After we ship your order, you can access the routing steps of your order through the tracking number (tracking number provided by the carrier) available in “My Account/My Orders”. In case of absence, a notice shall be left in your mailbox. If in the second delivery, you are still absent, your parcel shall be available to you at your post office within ## 5 ## days.

7.4 Delivery problems

In case of delay or non-receipt of the order, the customer can contact our Customer Service through the brunobernardo.pt website by sending an e-mail in the “Contact Us/Customer service/contact us”.

In case an order is returned to our facilities after a delivery fails (e.g. due to incorrect recipient’s address), the customer is automatically alerted via e-mail. In the event the customer fails to answer within 48 hours of receipt of the aforementioned e-mail, brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to cancel the order, and the shipping costs are not refunded.

The customer has the right, upon receipt of his/her order, to open the parcel to check if the product conforms to what was requested and there are no external defects.

Once the parcel is delivered by the carrier, brunobernardo.pt is not liable for any problems resulting from the transport.

Please note that brunobernardo.pt shall be obliged to refuse any request for refund or replacement (right of withdrawal) for the products that present external defects which have been accepted by our customers at the delivery time. The right of withdrawal remains valid for situations in which technical problems are detected by the customer after delivery and according to the terms provided by law. What to do at the delivery time:

  1. Check if the parcel is in perfect condition.
  2. Check if the product conforms to the request made and shows no visible defects. If everything is alright, accept the delivery.
  3. In case of non-conformity, i.e., an error in the requested product, or a visible defect, you must refuse the delivery and fill out the form designed for such cases, pointing out the problem.
  4. Return the package and all its contents to the carrier.

Article 8: Special operations

brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to offer the rates for the shipping costs associated with orders.

In the specific context of an exemption from shipping costs, the customer fully enjoys this reduction and shall be informed of the verification at the time of purchase.

In case of reduction on the delivery provision, brunobernardo.pt shall consider the gratuitousness during the placement of the order.

Any misuse and failure by the customer of the obligations entered into by these General Sales Conditions shall lead to the suspension or termination of the customer account depending on the severity of the behaviour adopted.

Article 9: Right of withdrawal

9.1 Application

As provided for in the Portuguese law and in a Community directive, as a consumer client you have a period of 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal.

In the case of an order for products, the deadline is deducted from the date of receipt of the products. In the case of an order for service provision, the deadline starts from the acceptance of the offer. You do not need to provide any reason to exercise your right of withdrawal. You shall not be penalized.

To exercise this right of withdrawal, you can access:

  • The online form on the brunobernardo.pt website through your customer account, click on “My account” and then “My orders” and “Description of the order”
  • By phone: + (351) 256 044 718 (Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm).

9.2 Exceptions

As provided for in the Portuguese law and in a Community directive, the following products are not part of the article of this law and, by their nature, cannot be returned. Thus, a purchase of such products cannot be cancelled after order confirmation, and cannot be returned after receipt. However, the brunobernardo.pt website accepts cancellations of these orders while the sale is still taking place:

  • Products made in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;
  • Products that have been opened by the consumer after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;
  • Products that, after being delivered and by their nature, are inextricably linked with other articles;

9.3 Product return methods:

The customer benefits from a right of withdrawal of 14 days to return a product that does not satisfy him/her, in accordance with Article 10 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February. This period shall begin on the delivery date of the order.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with a product you ordered, you can return it to our services thanks to our guarantee “Satisfied or refunded”.

In case of non-compliance or the exercise of the right of withdrawal, you can return the Products after receipt respecting the following methods:

  1. A return shall not be accepted if there is clear evidence that the products have been used;
  2. The products must imperatively be returned duly protected, in the original packaging, in perfect condition for resale (not damaged, soiled or with traces of use by the customer), and accompanied by any accessories;
  3. Also, for hygiene reasons, and by their nature, some products may not be returned unless they have never been taken out of the packaging and/or used to enable a resale (for example: cosmetic products, earrings or piercings, products containing an odometer ...);
  4. Packages that do not allow the sender’s identification (name, surname, address, order number) shall not be accepted.

The return costs are the customer's responsibility. To simplify and facilitate the processing of returning products, the customer shall edit a return voucher from his/her client account on brunobernardo.pt. The return label shall be pasted on the parcel.

Attention: This label is not a prepaid label. Shipping costs shall be the customer's responsibility.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall give rise to the refund of the articles (in a maximum period of 30 days from the return date). The refund shall be made by bank transfer, refund to the account of the credit card used, PayPal and/or discount voucher depending on the payment method used at the time of purchase.

Please keep the shipping proof of your return, i.e., a written statement of a carrier or postal service indicating the sender and the recipient of your return, and justifying the effective delivery of the goods. In case of non receipt of your return in our warehouses, we may ask for your shipping proof.

9.4 Refund

From the date of receipt of your article and for 14 days, this guarantee allows you to be refunded in full for the corresponding amount.

By exercising this right of withdrawal, brunobernardo.pt undertakes to refund the total amount of your order within a maximum of 5 days. Return costs are borne by the customer.

The return of all the products or services ordered shall correspond to a refund for the full amount paid by the customer at the time of purchase, i.e. the purchase price of the articles ordered and initial shipping costs.

The partial return of a part of the ordered products shall correspond to a refund for the article or articles returned. Initial shipping costs shall not be refunded because the amount of our delivery costs are standard and do not depend on the amount of products ordered.

In the case of refund of ATM payments, this period may be extended given that the refund is not dependent on the processing made by brunobernardo.pt but by a company's partner bank.

In the case of a partial refund of a payment made using discount voucher(s), this/these shall be re-credited to the customer account with priority over the monetary amount.

Only articles returned within the required periods, in perfect condition and in their original packaging (with the respective accessories, handbook ...) may be subject to a refund (damaged, soiled products and products showing traces of use shall not be accepted), i.e. to allow the resale by brunobernardo.pt.

No orders may be returned without the sender’s identifying element (name, surname, address, order number).

The return of all ordered products or services shall originate a refund equal to the total amount paid by the customer. A confirmation email shall be sent to you as soon as we register your return.

Any return made in accordance with the above conditions shall originate a refund within 5 business days by new credit of your bank transaction.

In the case of refund of ATM payments, the refund shall be made by bank transfer through the customer’s IBAN and BIC/SWIFT. The refund time limit depends on the customer's bank branch. A confirmation email shall be sent to you as soon as the refund is made.

We also inform that the average return time to our services is 15 days.

We inform, however, that the banking law does not allow us to make a refund to a credit card whose expiry date has been reached. In this case, our Customer Service shall contact you to ask you for any other information that will enable us to refund you within the best time limits.

The articles returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer shall not be accepted.

It is advisable to attach a duly completed and signed return voucher to the returned articles. You must return your products to the address indicated on the return voucher. Returns can be made through the carrier of your choice. However, it is recommended to send by registered mail or with postal acknowledgment of receipt and the subscription, if necessary, of insurance with the carrier in the amount of the products to protect you from any loss or damage.

brunobernardo.pt also offers the possibility to return or ask for a replacement of your products in brunobernardo.pt shops whose addresses are on our website.

For all returns please contact the Customer Service via email, which shall provide you with all the information necessary for the proper conduct of the procedure.

Article 10: Guarantees

brunobernardo.pt assumes with its members the legal guarantee of conformity referred to in the Consumer Code articles and the guarantee relating to defects in the products sold under the conditions provided for in the Civil Code articles.

All articles benefit from a contractual guarantee, without prejudice to the legal guarantee.

10.1 Legal guarantees

The legal guarantee also applies to non-conformities resulting from the packaging, the assembly or installation instructions (provided it is performed in compliance with the assembly instructions).

AFTER SALES SERVICE AND MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: All devices are covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. The warranty period is counted from the delivery date of the product.

In the case of defective or malfunctioning products, you must communicate the situation, stating your order number and the description of the malfunction, using our information contact.

The costs of the return or collection of articles within the warranty period shall be borne by brunobernardo.pt

In the case of devices outside the warranty period, brunobernardo.pt also provides technical assistance, and therefore you can inform and send the defective or malfunctioning articles to brunobernardo.pt. The articles shall be analyzed by the After Sales User service of brunobernardo.pt that shall give a technical opinion and an appropriate repair budget if this is the case. Repairs shall only be started after acceptance of the budget by the User. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Repair Centres of the trade marks for technical assistance to your equipment.

10.2 Commercial Guarantee

The commercial guarantee corresponds to the contractual commitment of a professional to the consumer, for the refund of the purchase price, replacement or repair of the product, in addition to its legal obligations to ensure the product’s conformity.

Products are subject to a commercial guarantee by the supplier. In these cases, that shall be specified in the product data sheet.

AFTER SALES SERVICE AND MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Equipment is covered by the 2 year manufacturer's warranty provided by the respective trademarks. According to legal provisions, the manufacturer may limit the guarantee to only 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects or defects in materials used.

In the case of defective or malfunctioning products, you must communicate the situation, indicating your order number and the description of the malfunction.

The guarantee does not cover wear and tear, improper care, and abuse in the use of products and/or neglect, or the use of products for purposes not listed.

The activation of the guarantee requires the presentation of the product (including the packaging) together with the purchase receipt in the same condition it was sold.

The costs of the return or collection of articles within the guarantee period shall be borne by brunobernardo.pt

In the case of devices outside the guarantee period, brunobernardo.pt also provides technical assistance, and therefore you can inform and send the defective or malfunctioning articles to brunobernardo.pt. The articles shall be analyzed by the After Sales User service of brunobernardo.pt that shall give a technical opinion and an appropriate repair budget if this is the case. Repairs shall only be started after acceptance of the budget by the User. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Repair Centres of the trade marks for technical assistance to your equipment.

For more information about the commercial guarantee of your product, you can contact the Customer Service.

Article 11: Using the service

11.1 Refer a friend and discount vouchers

Access to brunobernardo.pt can be made through the refer a friend service, this being reserved for a limited social network of the customer (friends and relatives).

Referring a friend allows the customer to benefit from discount vouchers, which shall be credited 21 days after the first order of the godchildren on condition that they do not cancel the order.

The discount vouchers are available in the customer's account and are not combinable with each other, and are subject so that they can be used to a minimum order value, unless otherwise stated at the origin of the voucher.

These can not in any case be subject to a monetary refund and are a true form of payment.

brunobernardo.pt reserves the right to temporarily increase the amount of the discount voucher and return to the baseline without first informing the members. The fact of increasing the discount voucher's amount does not change the above mentioned conditions of allocation and use.

11.2 Using the service

If brunobernardo.pt notes serious irregularities in the use by a customer of the discount vouchers and/or refer a friend system, the company may take the necessary steps to stop such irregularities, thus causing the website access to be suspended or the customer exclusion.

In general, a customer’s non-compliance with his/her obligations under these General Sales Conditions might lead to suspension or even termination of the respective customer account, without prejudice to any damages that brunobernardo.pt may ask.

Article 12: Protection of personal data

The customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the data concerning him/her with brunobernardo.pt;

Registration on the brunobernardo.pt website constitutes acceptance of these general sales conditions, therefore, the user agrees to receive the website’s daily deals through his/her e-mail address.

All mails sent to brunobernardo.pt have a deactivation subscription link below the mail, through which you can click and easily unsubscribe from. If you want to change your preferences, depending on your needs, you may manage the subscription from your account under “Management of my subscriptions”.

brunobernardo.pt may be required to communicate nominative information to its trading partners, and so the user may receive commercial offers from third parties. In this respect, it is stated that except for the express refusal of the customer, the data may be communicated to trading partners of brunobernardo.pt.

Personal data (address, email and phone) can be transmitted to third parties in order to ensure proper delivery of the order.

However, as for the Internet address, this can only be communicated to these partners with the customer's express consent. Subsequently, the customer can refuse access to such data, expressing his/her refusal by e-mail to the following address: apoiocliente.conta@brunobernardo.com

Article 13: Conflicts Resolution Centre

The suppliers of goods or providers of services established in the national territory shall inform the consumers on the available ADR entities or to which they are bound by adhesion or legal obligation arising from necessary arbitration and shall provide information on those entities’ electronic website:

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Lisboa (Lisbon Conflicts Arbitration Centre)

Rua dos Douradores 116 -2º andar

1100-207 Lisboa


Article 14: Applicable law and jurisdiction.

For the resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of these General Conditions, the customer's domicile court shall be competent. However, in the case of a legal action pursued by the customer, he/she may choose between his domicile’s court and the Bruno & Bernardo Comércio de Artigos de Moda Lda. headquarters domicile courts.

brunobernardo.pt is not liable for delays or non-compliance of contractual obligations due to force majeure, disturbance, total or partial strike, postal services and means of transportation or communication, flood, fire or war. brunobernardo.pt is not liable for any indirect damage, operating loss, money loss, loss of opportunity, damage or charges that may arise from the purchase of any product displayed on the website.

Although our products feature performances consistent with professional uses, brunobernardo.pt is not targeted at a professional public. brunobernardo.pt cannot see its responsibility affected for any loss that is the result of a professional activity.

The www.brunobernardo.pt website is managed by the company Bruno & Bernardo -. Comércio de Articles de Moda, Lda., a limited company which has its registered office at Rua da Liberdade 135 R / C, 3700-169 São João da Madeira, Portugal (herein referred to as "brunobernardo.pt"), with tax identification number 513464700 issued by the Portuguese Republic.

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